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Oh, hello there!
Nice of you to drop by. :)

I think I can skip introductions, since you already know my name. I don't know yours, but that doesn't really matter, does it?
Welcome to my little corner of this vast universe we call DeviantART!

Oh, you want to know something about me?
Well, what's there to say... I'm not exactly the most thrilling of people.
But if you really want to know, fine, I'll tell you. ^^

I'm this one random pessimistic female with great dreams that will never come true. :)
People usually back away from me before they really get to know me. I'm awkward in crowds, y'know, and I have a reaaaally short fuse. But I can be quite silly if I get comfortable around someone. :D (Not a rule, though...)
I like foreign languages, especially German and Japanese. :meow:
I spend my days studying and then playing video games. I became quite the gamer in those past few years! :D I focus mostly on JRPGs, like the Tales of series, Fire Emblem, Kingdom Hearts, etc.
Drawing is something I like doing as well, but don't do enough...

Ooh, and cookies. I love cookies! :cookie:

Does that answer your question? No?
Well, then, don't hesitate to drop a comment or a note or something. :D
I'll gladly answer. Even if you're just bored and need someone for a chit-chat. :meow:
  • Listening to: Nano - Now or Never
  • Reading: Faust II
  • Watching: Tales of Zestiria the X
  • Playing: Tales of Berseria
  • Eating: Cookies, obviously
  • Drinking: Coffee
WARNING: Extremely long and obnoxious update. Read at your own risk. No blue-coloured cookie-eating viruses take responsibility for the time wasted and/or boredom experienced while reading.

Right, soo...

Hello, dearest cookie-eaters!
It's been about 4 or 5 months since the last long-winded update. Well, good news! Chances are high this one will be even longer! And twice less interesting!
(You can still quit and pretend you never found this.)

A thank you...

First off, thank you everyone who's here with me. New or old, thank you for sticking around and being patient with me. I know I'm not very active or prolific, nor is my artwork all that fascinating, which is all the more reason to thank you. So thank you, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Know that it means a lot to me and I appreciate it tons! :D

I actually wanted to draw a 20-Watchers tribute thing to properly express my gratitude, but... well... That number up there on my profile... It's a lie. A big one at that. As much as I'm glad to see such a (for my standards) big number, I can't live a lie, now can I? So I dropped that idea and moved on.

Some ranting...

Secondly, (and this is really where you should quit if you don't feel like reading about some student's whining) the reason I'm writing this now is because as of today, I was supposed to be a free bird. Yeah right.

"Amusing jest", said the cursed fate.

Nope, the semester ended just like it started - with plans falling apart like a sandcastle hit by the ocean's gray waves (English version's really not that great... But there is this) and with a sad student wondering what the actual hell, life. And words can't express how lost I've been feeling during the entire semester... But that's something I can't really talk about. Not until I figure things out for myself. I'm sure you can understand (especially you whose reply has been sitting in my inbox for a while now and won't be seeing an answer any time soon, if ever. I'm sorry...)

Well, the student, who still has some stuff to finish for college, managed to get over it and NOT give up on her plans entirely.

True, I'll have to cut some things short, but there's one thing I'm determined to do, even if it kills me. And it's kinda the main reason I'm writing this bloody novel. (If you got this far, you should pat yourself on the back. You suffered through the worst part. The following is mostly good resolutions and stuff. Have a cookie for your troubles!! :cookie: )


I'm going to introduce my little "projects" to you! I've been keeping them from you for quite some time now because they never got past the concept phase. They're still mere concepts, but I figure, if I start posting doodles and short texts about them, maybe they'll start evolving. :meow: Maybe I'll have more motivation to start evolving them... If nothing else, it's worth a shot.

  • There are like 3 to 4 consistent "worlds" that I'll be introducing during the following few weeks. Mostly doodles and sketches, but it'll serve as an introduction just fine. Y'know, to meet the characters and some important ideas. :D
  • Then there's some random one-shot ideas that popped into my head, maybe I'll show them off as well (not priority tho). There's fanart among those, too.

There's some things not related to drawing as well. ^^ You know I'm pretty passionate about my singing. No? Well now you do. I use any given opportunity to sing... and practice my voice. Because I also got extremely fired up about voice acting lately. I've got a random tweet (I'm serious. It's very random) from Ben Diskin to thank for that. :D
If pigs ever start wielding keyblades and you find this weird journal, Mr. Ben Diskin, sir, I just wanna say THANK YOU for being so amazingly fun and chill (just like a whole bunch of other voice actors I've heard so far) and of course for being so good at what you do. :heart: I sure loved your performance as Young Xehanort (best voice in the game, hands down) and as Rokurou! It's thanks to you that I'm so determined to try out voice acting for real one day! :la:
So yeah, I found some tips online and now I'm bothering people with both singing AND talking. Success!!

Acting is connected to this, too, and I'm doing another musical with my (former?) Japanese group. Apparently. It sounded like they really want me to participate. Must be cos of my enthusiasm. I like being on a stage, especially if I get to sing or scream from the top of my lungs. ^^ Simply being loud and heard.

Also, I'm gonna start playing around with HTML and JavaScript because I recently found out that I'm also fired up about programming. :D Thank you video games and everyone connected to them!

A few last words...

Phew, that kinda covers the most. I sure hope I'll stick to all these resolutions...
Thank you for suffering through such a long update again! You don't have to worry about any more of these until July or September, depending on my mood. :meow:

Oh yeah, one more thing, I wanna introduce everyone to my good friend and Art-sensei, :iconcrvenkastikelj:! She's an amazing artist who gives excellent advice on how to improve. She helped me a lot with some of the works I'm most proud of! And she's the reason I'm willing to improve at all because she never turns me down when I ask her to look at some of my drawings. Also, it's her motivational speeches that gave birth to some of my latest ideas that I'll hopefully get to show you soon!
She just rejoined the community, so her profile page and gallery are yet to be filled, but do pay her a visit anyway. Believe me, it's worth the trip! :meow:

Alrighty then,
I thank thee yet again and hope you found this insightful or something. It's a random cookie virus talking about her life, yay?? Well, anyhow, I do hope you'll enjoy the "worlds" I'll be unlocking soon!
Thank you, and see you in the next long-winded update!

Cheers! :wave:

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